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A.I. SHIELD coating can apply on the wall and other surfaces. It is base formulated in the US which has over 40 years of proven contributions to global bacterial safety and microbial control. A.I. SHIELD's performance enhanced with TiO2 photocatalyst formulation in Singapore, to enable its air and self-sanitizing property triggers by UV or visible light presence in indoors, in addition to its excellent antimicrobial property. It is particularly suitable for high-risk areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens.


Effectively eliminates bacteria, fungus, mould, formaldehyde, VOC and provides deodorization.

Uses cooperative photocatalytic technology to actively attack viruses and bacteria attached to objects using sunlight or light, with lasting protective effects of up to 12 months.

Uses double sterilization technology for improved efficacy and protection against a range of bacteria.

Non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly, with international certification, and has passed toxicity testing by US EPA. Obtained safety and environmental protection verification in many developed countries, America, Canada, Japan, EU, etc.

Dual Kill Mechanism


1)Physical sterilization


-A.I. SHIELD 5700SC works for 24 hours with its unique nano needles formed on the thin film (coating) bonded firmly to substrates like window, wall, ceiling, door, floor, furniture etc.


-The solid thin film carries slightly +ve charges, it kills by puncturing and electrocuting -ve charged germs and virus on contact with the nano needles.


-Brownian motion also forces microbes to bombard frequently with Aegis Intelligent nano needles even in still air.


-The unique physical puncture sterilization is different from the other common sanitizers kill by chemical poisoning methods. This non chemical poisoning kill mechanism made Aegis Intelligent 5700SC a much safer choice in terms of toxicity and environmental friendliness.


-Prevents bacteria from building up resistance for potent and continued sterilization.


2) Photocatalytic technology


-Light (photon) excited photocatalyst zap harmful microbes by its emitting anion, a strong oxidizing OH- hydroxyl groups, which decompose and reduce germs and virus into harmless carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).


-Accumulated water film on the chamber starts self cleaning the surfaces, results in reducing stain marks on the surface.


-Eliminates bacteria, indoor formaldehyde, and other harmful volatile organic compounds (thinners, etc.) under sunlight or artificial light .


-The effect provides lasting protection for up to 12 months for powerful and continuous disinfection.


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