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Aegis Intelligent Photocatalyst Technology Ltd. introducing Singapore patented technology and launching "A.I.Shield Antimicrobial Protection Coating", which combines physical nano needles and photocatalytic technology to make the coating with double sterilization effect, and the protection is up to 12 months, which is more efficient and long lasting than ordinary antimicrobial coatings.  Our customers include international companies, public and private organizations and Government departments.  

The technology is also being used in CLeanTech, the world's first negative pressure mobile disinection device, to provide frontline employees with anti-epidemic protection during the COVID-19 epidemic. 

In addition to coating and spray services, A.I.Shield also launches different customer products including 24-hours hand spray, special sterilization coating for clothing, and antimicrobial liquid glass for sneakers or bags that is waterproof, stain and bacteria resistant, to provide the public with a comprehensive life of epidemic prevention.  


Product Inquiries : (852)9431 1789

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