Antimicrobial Protection


With the physical puncture sterilisation technology from USA enhanced by Singapore photocatalytic technology. It eliminates harmful microbes day and night for 24 hours. With 40 years of safety use track record, A.I.SHIELD is non-toxicity and eco-friendly, suitable for hospital, elderly home, kindergarten…etc.



Effectively kills COVID-19


A.I.SHIELD antimicrobial protection is one of unique in the market that approved by the National University of Singapore that kills SARS-COV-2.

Tested by CMA Testing, within 5 minutes contact time, A.I.SHIELD antimicrobial protection can effectively kill MRSA, E.coli up to 99.99%, after 365 times swipe test, the results can still reach up to 98.6%, effectively kill germs and bacteria for 12 months.

Asia World Expo - Using A.I. SHIELD antimicrobial coating service


Asia World Expo - Using A.I. SHIELD antimicrobial coating service


Application of antimicrobial coating on passengers facilities

A.I. SHILED for HAND can effectively kills COVID-19


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