A.I. SHIELD for SNEAKERS & BAGS combines the feature of liquid glass and nano-needles technology to provide waterproof, stain-repelling and anti-bacteria properties for sneakers and handbags. The liquid glass feature reduces the accumulation of bacteria and mould, making the surface easy to clean. Liquid glass is versatile and suitable for a variety of fabrics. The original appearance and feeling will not be changed.


Coupled with A. I. SHIELD’s nano-needles technology, it provides physical sterilization by puncturing bacteria and viruses, and further protect sports shoes and handbags from bacteria. 


Use Instructions:

1.    Clean the surface of sneakers or handbags.

2.    Wait until the surface is dry

3.    Shake before use, spray thoroughly onto the surface

4.    Re-spray one more time after 4 hours if needed

5.    Wait10 to 16 hours for complete curing of coating


Active ingredient manufactured in USA.

Formulation enhanced and produced in Singapore.

A.I. SHIELD Antimicrobial Protection for SNEAKERS & BAGS 150ml

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  • 150ml