EcoPLUS+ is an effective antibacterialagent used in clothing fabrics. Through the application of photocatalysis andnano-needling technology, physical disinfection on fabrics can be achieved. Itcan eliminate the microbes such as MRSA, E. Coli, S. Typhimurium for up to99.99%. The active ingredients of A.I. Shield are manufactured in USA andenhanced in Singapore, with 40 years of safety use track record. Therefore,this non-toxic formula is suitable for washing baby clothes and baby’s utensils.Moreover, EcoPLUS+ is able to reduce stains and odours. This coating can bewash up to 50 times, which is very durable.


Long-Lasting: wash up to 50 times

Safety: Passed Human Repeat Insult Patch Testand Passed Toxicity Test

Use Instructions: 30ml EcoPLUS+ mix with2.7L water to wash 600g Clothes and then soak for 20-30 minutes. After that, hangup or spin dry to allow the antimicrobial coating formed.


Active ingredient manufactured in USA.

Formulation enhanced and produced in Singapore.

A.I Shield Antimicrobial Protection EcoPLUS+ for clothing 30ml

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  • 30ml