CLeanTech J-1 with Jacket

Size: W1842 X D1200 X H2352 (mm)

Weight: 380KG


Nozzle flow

Nozzle speed (average): 13.7 m/s 

Turn over
Filter flowrate 0.18 m3/s
Fan on time 10 -58s
Filter turnover (@10 se 1.2 Vol/ cycle
Negative pressure -22.7 Pa

Made in HK HK HS Code 85437000


How CLeanTech works:

Step 1 Temperature check before entry:

After passing the temperature detection (SenseThunder-E mini), the door opens and the person can walk into the negatively pressurized room.


Step 2 Dirt removal:

Disinfection procedure initiates, particles and dust on the person are blown off by Vortex. Negatively pressurized chamber is equipped with a 0.3um HEPA filtration that traps 99.99% of bacteria and virus, removing them from the chamber air volume. The air volume in the entire chamber is passed through the HEPA filter more than once per cycle.

Step 3 UV triggers photocatalyst of AEGIS INTELLIGENT 5700 SC coating:

The Aegis Intelligent 5700SC coating applied on the wall of the chamber kills the bacteria and virus blown onto the wall by physical puncturing. Also the photocatalyst, activated by UV light releases radicals that penetrate and inactivate microbes on the surface of the person in the chamber. (The UV light is turned off when the person steps into the chamber). The coating will decompose germs and virus into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Step 4 Sterilize with BioEm:

BioEm Air Sanitizing and Purifying Liquid is sprayed through fan nozzles that are angled at 90 degrees. It penetrates into the vortex flow and is sprayed evenly on the clothing as a final sterilisation procedure before stepping out of CLeanTech.


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