A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection

In March, 2020, the global conference and exhibition industry has been impacted massively by the COVID-19 outbreak. Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo is introducing the world’s first “CLeanTech" disinfection installation and advanced air purification technology.

“CLeanTech" is produced by the team of China Tech Global , it is an innovative three-in-one disinfection installation combining a suite of technologies including BioEm air sanitising & purifying liquid, Aegis Intelligent antimicrobial and negative room pressure design.

Aegis Intelligent antimicrobial has a wide range of product line, the major product is A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection for HOME, it coated on the wall, ceiling, carpet inside the chamber of CLeanTech.

A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection for HOME is based on Aegis formulated in the US and it has over 40 years of proven contributions to global bacterial safety and microbial control.

A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection for HOME is performance enhanced with TiO2 photocatalyst formulation in Singapore, to enable its air and self-sanitising property triggers by UV or visible light presence in the ambient, in addition to its excellent antimicrobial property. 


  1. Aegis Intelligent is applied to kill bacteria with advanced technology. The mechanism is similar to applying water droplets covered with fine puncture needles which break the cells of bacteria physically. The technology is advanced by its photocatalysis formula wherein sunlight or artificial lights continually activates the process. It provides lasting effectiveness for up to 12 months via a strong, continuous disinfection effect and anti- microbial action.

  2. Effectively eliminates bacteria, fungus, mould, formaldehyde, VOC and provides deodorization.

  3. Non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly, with international certification, and has passed toxicity testing by US EPA. Obtained safety and environmental protection verification in many developed countries, America, Canada, Japan, EU, etc.



A.I. Shield Antimicrobial for HAND


Simple diluted version of original Aegis antimicrobial from DG class (flammable) to a safe to handle non flammable water based version of extremely effective antimicrobial, with over 40 years of diverse, safe and proven usages globally.



A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection for CLOTHING - EcoPLUS+

Aegis antimicrobial obtain EU’s fabrics safety accreditation (EU) Oeko-Tex 100 and able to use on Baby’s clothing products. EcoPlus is one of the Aegis Intelligent antimicrobial products and can be adsorbed by textile fibers. Virus and bacteria will be killed by physical sterilisation and photocatalytic technology. A restaurant in AsiaWorld-Expo, they are now using EcoPlus on staff’s working clothes, tablecloth and towel for protecting staff safety.



A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection for FACILITIES 

A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection for FACILITIES works for 24 hours with its unique nano needles formed on the thin film (coating) bonded firmly to substrates like window, wall, ceiling, door, floor, furniture etc. The coating and photocatalytic technology can provide lasting protection for up to 12 months for powerful and continuous disinfection.





A.I. Shield Antimicrobial Protection for for CAR INTERIOR

Car, is the hermetic space which is easily to breed Virus and Bacteria. In the series of Aegis Intelligent, A.I. Shield Antimicrobial for CAR is applied on cars to enhance the protection by using double sterilization technology for improved efficacy and protection against a range of bacteria.

It can provide lasting protection for up to 12 months for powerful and continuous disinfection.